Nobody can have missed the huge rise in the popularity of Airbnb properties both for those who pay to stay in them and those who rent them out, and whilst there will be many ways in which those hosts seek to keep their properties in the best condition possible, when it comes to upholstery such as chair and couch cleaning, they have two basic options.

The two main options they have for upholstery and couch cleaning are to either ‘DIY’ it whereby they attempt it, or they hire a professional couch cleaners. Each of these choices has its pros and cons, so to help any Airbnb host reading this decide which is best for them, here are the pros and cons for each couch cleaning option.

DIY Couch Cleaning Pros

  • It Should Be Cheaper: The most obvious benefit of doing the couch cleaning yourself is that you are not paying someone else to do it thus it costs you next to nothing.
  • You Learn How To Properly Care For Your Furniture: Cleaning upholstered furniture yourself allows you to learn how which can be useful in the future whenever such cleaning is required again.
  • It Can Be Quicker: Rather than having to make an appointment with a couch cleaning company, you can decide to do the couch cleaning immediately.

DIY Couch Cleaning Cons

  • Cleaning Results Might Not Be Great: One obvious issue of you doing couch cleaning rather than using professionals is that the final results are almost certain to not be as good.
  • Risk Of Damaging The Furniture: Without expert knowledge of fabrics and leather, and especially how to clean them, there is a risk that you could damage your couch meaning a replacement has to be purchased.
  • Not Having The Right Couch Cleaning Equipment Or Solutions: Expert couch cleaners will have professional equipment and cleaning solutions, most of which you are unlikely to have on your property to use for cleaning couches yourself.
  • Requires Your Time And Effort: Obviously, if you are doing the cleaning then it is your time and effort that is needed, not someone else’s.

Professional Couch Cleaning Pros

  • Ensures Furniture Is Cleaned Properly: If you hire couch cleaning professionals to clean any couch in your Airbnb property, you can be assured that it will be cleaned properly and thus look great when your guests arrive.
  • Knowledge And Experience Of Different Fabrics/Leathers: Thanks to the experience and knowledge that professional couch cleaners have, regardless of what fabric or leather your couch is made from, they will know exactly how to proceed so that it is cleaned correctly and safely.
  • Correct Equipment And Cleaning Solutions: In addition to their expertise, couch cleaning companies will have at their disposal professional-grade equipment and upholstery cleaning solutions to ensure the best possible results are achieved.
  • Saves You The Time: As you are not having to do the couch cleaning, and they are, it means you do not have to set aside the time, or likewise make the effort.

Professional Couch Cleaning Cons

  • Likely To Cost More: You will have to pay a fee to a couch cleaning company which is going to cost you more than if you are doing it yourself.
  • Appointment Times Offered Might Not Suit You: Couch cleaning companies have lots of clients and thus you will have to make an appointment for them to call round. The risk is that you cannot find a time that suits your schedule.
  • You Gain No Knowledge Of Furniture Care: By handing over the work to couch cleaning pros, you do not get the chance to learn anything about couch cleaning which could be of benefit to you later.
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