When discussing your wishes with landscape architects as to what you want to be included in your new landscaped garden, we sincerely hope that one or more water features are on the list. As for constitutes a water feature it can be anything from a small bird bath to a large fountain, from an artificial stream to a pond, and many more including a full-sized swimming pool if your pool builder says your property is large enough.

Water features are amazing in that they can activate several senses including seeing the beauty of cascading water, listening to the peaceful ripples from a small stream, or the cooling feel as you splash cold water onto your face on a hot summer’s day. You can also include taste if you have a drinking fountain, and smell if you have a fish pond, so that takes care of all five senses.

As well as what we have just described, water features have several other benefits for homeowners who request that their landscape architect include one in the landscape design they are creating. If you are unsure of what they might be, please continue reading and you will discover that we have highlighted five reasons why you will want a water feature in your landscaped garden.

Enjoy The Soothing Sounds Of Water

We have already mentioned how water features can trigger all five senses, but the one which we believe brings the most benefits to those who are in your garden is sound. There can be few other features that your landscape architect could include in your garden’s design that provide as soothing and as tranquil a background sound as a water feature. Imagine the levels of relaxation as you sit peacefully listening to water trickling or flowing nearby.

Encourage Wildlife Into Your Garden

We hope most of the people reading this have an affection for animals, and if so, having water features in your garden is a great way to see them close up. This is especially true if you live in an area that has little to no rainfall in the summer because many creatures will be looking for sources of water to drink, bathe, or cool down in. Also bear in mind many of these creatures will act as deterrents to some of the less welcome creatures and pests that might invade your garden.

Exclude Nearby Noise Pollution

We are returning to sounds but this time we are referring to undesirable sounds. These are the sounds which could be classified as “noise pollution” and which you hear whilst in your garden although you would rather not. They include traffic, loud voices from a neighbour’s house, or noisy kids playing in the street. All of these can be diminished or even blocked completely by the more pleasing sounds of your water features.

Water Features Will Suit All Garden Sizes

There are several features that you might find in a landscaped garden that are not suited to or are too large to be included in designs for small gardens. Examples include a patio, trees, and a lawn in the smallest of gardens. One advantage of water features is that they come in multiple sizes including small water features that are suitable for gardens with severely limited dimensions.

Water Features Are Low Maintenance

This will appeal enormously to those that love their garden but who are less keen on the maintenance aspect of it. Most water features require little to no maintenance other than checking occasionally to see if they are in working order and some might need the occasional clean. As a rule, the majority of water features most certainly require less maintenance than most other features found within a landscaped garden.