There are many who believe that commercial cleaning is merely where cleaning takes place within business premises and that it differs little from normal house cleaning. Now, you do not need to be a commercial cleaning expert to know that is simply not true, at least in the main it isn’t.

There are certainly some premises where the actual cleaning work will be similar to domestic cleaning, however, our advice would still be to use a professional commercial cleaning company like, simply to ensure that the quality of the cleaning work is high.

That being said, there are a number of scenarios where the need to use skilled and experienced commercial cleaners is absolute. This will be for a number of reasons with the main ones being safety, the need for specific cleaning knowledge and skill, plus there may also be a requirement that specialised equipment is needed for cleaning certain equipment or premises.

Here are some of those premises, where the sound advice is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to clean them.

Schools and Nurseries

Ensuring that the health of a child is prioritised and protected will undoubtedly be the wish of any school or nursery. The responsibility of ensuring the welfare of children whilst they are in your care is significant, therefore the decisions you take with regards to making the premises where that duty of care is taking place as safe as possible, must be considered carefully.

Only professional commercial cleaners have the knowledge and skills to not only clean schools and nurseries effectively, but they can take it a stage further with regards to sanitisation to ensure it is safe and healthy environment for children, teachers, carers, and parents.

Hotels and Hospitality Venues

The first thing to mention here is that these types of premises tend to be large, have multiple floors, and in many cases, hundreds of individual rooms. This means the logistics of cleaning all of them can only be undertaken by a professional commercial cleaning company.

As for the cleaning itself, in premises that can literally have thousands of people coming and going, it is essential that it is done properly, and with a strong focus on sanitisation, not just in the rooms, but in communal areas as well.

Theatres, Cinemas, and Concert Halls

The case for using professional cleaners for these premises is similar to that of hotels. Whilst there may not be as many individual rooms, there are certainly lots of people using them, and they have communal areas, such as the foyer.

You may also find that some of the equipment used in these venues requires specialised knowledge when they or the areas around them need to be cleaned.

Manufacturing Facilities

Given the diversity there is within the manufacturing sector with regards to how premises are used, and the equipment in them, when it comes to cleaning, you cannot use part-time amateurs.

Apart from the safety element, imagine the horror if they were to damage an essential and expensive piece of manufacturing equipment due to using the wrong cleaning method or chemicals.

Medical Facilities

Without a doubt, medical facilities are the ones that require the absolute highest levels of cleanliness and sanitisation. How well and effectively it is done, could actually have a bearing on a patient’s health, so it needs to be placed in the hands of skilled and experienced commercial cleaners.

They will have staff who specialise in the cleaning of medical equipment and premises, and will also have the cleaning equipment, tools, and solutions specifically designed for cleaning them.

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