If you are at the stage of having already decided you want decking but are torn between whether to use Millboard composite decking or hardwood decking, then we are here to help you decide. As you might have already gathered from the title, we are going to come down on the side of millboard decking but that does mean we are saying that hardwood decking is all bad.

In fact, it has many qualities that make it a great choice including lower upfront costs, and of course, nothing can truly give you a more natural appearance than real wood. However, despite these positives, as we go through the list of features that millboard decking offers, compared to hardwood, you will discover why it is a better choice.

Installation Is Quicker

Most people employ a local company who are experts in installing millboard decking, but even so, you can still expect some degree of disruption given the size of the project. Nevertheless, compared to wood decking installations those for millboard decking tend to be a lot quicker by up to 1/3 of the time as there is no need to trim, sand, or stain, and everything will be perfectly straight, versus the potential of warped wood.

Less Maintenance Required

Once installed the amount of maintenance required for millboard decking amounts to occasional brushing and mopping. Compare that to the oiling, sanding, staining, sealing and removal of algae and moss, to name but a few of the many maintenance tasks that hardwood decking requires, not just once, but on multiple occasions.

Visually Appealing

There is no denying that hardwood is extremely appealing given its natural appearance, but millboard decking holds its own in the looks department. It can be coloured in multiplied shades and tones and can even be given a wood-like finish if requested, and in many cases, it can be hard to tell the difference.

Stable And Secure

Hardwood, by its very nature, will tend to expand and contract due to changes in temperature, moisture, and sunlight, all of which can lead to a weakening of its structure. When that happens the concern would be that any hardwood decking could be less stable and at best need replacing, or at worst, become dangerous. Millboard decking has minimal contraction and expansion by comparison and is thus more stable.

Non -Slip Surface

A huge consideration if you have any elderly friends or relatives who visit, or if you have children. Whether dry or wet, millboard decking should provide a secure under foot surface that is safe for everyone. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about hardwood decking, especially when it is wet, and even more so if any algae or moss have grown on the surface.

Resistant To Discoloration And Fading

There may be some who like the constant changing of tones in hardwood as it ages, and we too can see the appeal. However, if you want decking that does not fade, and in particular retains its original colour, then the coatings on millboard decking provide that.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Perhaps one of the most important advantages that millboard decking has over hardwood decking is its durability and longevity. For many of the reasons we have outlined, it can resist most of the things that damage and diminish hardwood decking. As such it should outlast hardwood decking by around 15 to 20 years which means over the longer period millboard decking is by far, the more cost-effective choice.