If your move to a new home went smoothly, thanks to good planning, professional removalists and a little help from your friends and family, we congratulate you. However, we also have to tell that for many people, the actual move is just the beginning, and that there are further challenges that lay ahead.

One of those challenges is one which every person who moves to a new house experiences, and it is the challenge of the four walls and roof that surround you actually feeling like your home, and not just the house you have moved to

It is really is down to you to take the steps necessary for you feel you are at home, and there a number of things you can do to accelerate that process. These can work, not just for you, but further members of your family, who may also need to adjust to their new surroundings.

Start With your Clothes

It might seem strange that, rather than talk about your furniture, decor, and the likes of family photographs, we are bringing up the subject of your clothes first, but there is a perfectly simple reason for that. Your clothes are the things which you are more familiar with than almost anything else in your home.

Think about it. You wear your clothes and footwear for up to 16 hours each time, so they are well known to you. Before you unpack anything else, you should unpack your clothes and hang them in your closet, in the order that best pleases you. This also applies to those items which go into drawers or onto racks.

One other benefit of getting your clothes organised as quickly is it means you are not scrambling about on Monday morning trying to find a clean and ironed outfit for work, so there is another stress buster.

Set Up As Many Familiar Sights As Possible

There were bound to be pictures and family photographs hanging in familiar locations around your previous home. Obviously, in a new home, the layout is bound to be different, but that doesn’t stop you trying to replicate as many as possible.

It could be the painting that hangs above the mantle, the photos of family on the wall next to the stars, or even a specific lampshade that you use in the lounge. Each one brings a degree of familiarity to you and helps bring this house closer to feeling like home.

Get Into Your Routine Quickly

If you and your family had a daily routine, then the quicker you all get back into that routine the better. Whether it is what time everyone gets up in the morning, the rota for walking the dog, or what favourite TV shows you all sit down to watch at 8 pm, landscape design for outdoor living, then each of these, and others adds more familiarity for you all.

Another thing you can do which relates to routines, is to have certain items stored or kept in roughly the same places as they were in your old home.

For example, the biscuit barrel sitting on the kitchen counter, magazines in a rack by the sofa, or jackets hanging on hooks under the stairs, are just three examples, but there are dozens more you could try.

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